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A fun-loving husband and wife team. Fanie and Annette Heymans are both amateur photographers, residing in a city called Welkom, Free State Province, South Africa. They are passionate about the great outdoors, and wildlife.

Their interest in photography came into existence a couple of years ago, when they started off by joining a local hiking club.


While Fanie and Annette Heymans were exploring nature on foot, they have realized that there are so many opportunities to capture the beautiful scenery, and wildlife. As result of that, photography became another passionate hobby.

They have joined the local photographic club, SAVAS, (St. Andrews Visual Arts Society) during 2005, and enjoy their fellow photographers and their work tremendously. In their club, both have reached the”Masters” star grading.

Fanie and Annette Heymans are also affiliated members of the PSSA (Photographic Society of South Africa.)


They started to enter into National and international Salons, and have won several medals already for their achievements.

On International level, Annette has received a Photographic Society of America Gold medal for the Nature Division in the 2nd Garden Route International Salon 2010 for her photo:” In the Dust”.


Nationally she won a PSSA medal for Best Interclub competition senior photo for the year 2013 for:” Infra Red”.

Infra-Red-Annette Heymans

His Leopard fight was also published on the Wild Card Blog

Leopard Fight with paws in the air and a lot of action

He also won various medals and finished under the top ten for the PSSA Impala Trophy for 4 years already. He has obtained the following honors awards in photography: FPSSA, APSSA (VERS) and EPSSA. Annette has obtained her LPSSA.

One of their most favorite places for wildlife photography is the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. The Park is a large wildlife reserve and conservation area in southern Africa. The park straddles the border between South Africa and Botswana and about 38 000 square kilometers in size. Kgalagadi means: “Place of thirst”.

Their gear:


Fanie and Annette Heymans gear consists mainly of Canon equipment.

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